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Improvising Your Itinerary with Travel Bingo

Jayne Wilson introduces a new way to create your itinerary. I would have never thought about this, but I will definitely think of it when I get frustrated once again while selecting my next destination. Curious what this is all about? Read on…

Improvising Your Itinerary with Travel Bingo

Do you ever feel like you never see enough of a city when you get to explore it on holiday? For people that have been bitten by the travel bug, the need to see as many sights, wonders, and unbeaten paths of foreign lands in a short span of time, is an absolute must, but it’s not always attainable.

Thus, we end up picking a select few attractions to visit; however narrowing down your options is a challenge in its own right. If you happen to be indecisive, it might be worth trying a new method to determine your travel itinerary, like bingo. Once you play Travel Bingo, you’ll never have any trouble sorting out your day-to-day holiday schedule ever again.


In case you’re wondering how this game could ever be useful to you during your travels, bingo actually has a larger scope of function beyond its entertainment value as various industries showcase the game’s numerous lifestyle applications, albeit some quite unconventional. Every four out of five women gamblers playing bingo, and because of the huge female-dominated demographics that bingo has, online gaming hubs are providing content centering around shopping lists to celebrity gossip. On the flipside, non-gaming companies have used bingo as a fun way to engage their respective audiences, with fitness gurus creating workout plans and fashion experts putting together a new strategy to help people come up with new outfits. And for the wanderlusters, there’s Travel Bingo to help them organize their trips away.

travel bingo
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Travel bingo

In the travel industry specifically, the game has been used as a way to combat boredom during flight delays or while on the road, distracting travellers from the amount of waiting time before they reach their destination. But in this instance, we’ll be using bingo to help us create a makeshift itinerary. Using, you can create your own custom cards, replacing all the numbers on the traditional bingo card with the sites in or surrounding the city you plan on flying to. Once you’ve explored an item on your card, take a picture of the attraction (preferably with you in it), and mark it off your card. This way, you’re not only using it as your itinerary, but you’re almost using it like a travel bucket list.

And let’s not forget that this is a game that’s best played with friends and family. Add a competitive element and play Travel Bingo with your friends. The more they’ve covered on their cards, the more likely it’ll encourage you to expand your horizons. Another way the game can be played is by using the cards with your travel companion where you can split up and take photographic evidence of the landmarks visited, turning it into a scavenger hunt of sorts. Whoever scores the first bingo gets to be treated to dinner or drinks that night.

Author: Jayne Wilson                                                                                                                                                                                                            As a kid, Jayne’s parents took her on vacations around the world, but she never really appreciated traveling until she went to university in Europe. In attempt to rediscover all the places she visited during her childhood (and more), Jayne works as a travel photographer and participates in a few rewards programs to cover her trips.


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