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Top Picks in Barcelona

Barcelona Top Picks

Barcelona is an awesome destination for a city trip. It has a great combination of everything, from extraordinary architecture to gorgeous golden beaches, and from delicious food to excellent nightlife.

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We’ve selected our top picks from places to visit in Barcelona. City trip anyone?

1. Gaudí’s masterpieces

We can’t get around the fact that Barcelona is a hub for modern architecture, with Gaudí’s unfinished Sagrada Familia in the heart of it all. The whole structure is incredible, and has so many sides to it that you can stare at it for hours, days, or weeks even and still find new aspects. A visit to Barcelona wouldn’t be complete without spending some time just gazing at this extraordinary piece of art.



Gaudí kept busy, as Sagrada Familia wasn’t his only work in the city. Casa Batlló and Casa Milà are two other examples of modernist artworks designed by the famous architect. These became two of his most characteristic pieces.

Casa Batlló
Casa Milà

However,  another acclaimed collection of his work can be found in Park Güell. The park was commissioned by Eusebi Güell who wanted to have some green space for the local aristocracy. A walk to the top of the park is a challenge in itself, but the views from the top are incredibly rewarding. The pieces in this area of Barcelona are pleasantly colourful, such as the mosaic seating and dragons. Gaudí himself actually lived in a house in Park Güell, which is now open to the public as a museum.


2. Gothic Quarter

From modern architecture we go to a place with mainly Gothic architecture. To Barrio Gótico to be exact, arguably one of the prettiest and most interesting neighbourhoods in the city. Alleys to get lost in aplenty, snaking their way through town, creating the most amazing labyrinths. Dramatic buildings, such as the Cathedral of Barcelona, and spacious squares, like Plaça Reial, change the scenery in a striking way.



Yet, it’s not only about the architecture in this part of Barcelona. Everywhere you go, you can find the cutest cafes, and the best bars and restaurants. More of the independent and boutique shops can be found in Barrio Gótico, while further high street shopping can be enjoyed just around the corner, at Las Ramblas.


3. St. Josep La Boqueria

If you’re following the blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a big fan of markets. I feel that markets are places where we can find real people, not to mention real food! The smells, sounds and colours always manage to drag me in.


St. Josep La Boqueria is a market with character. It has a long history, with its first mention dating back to 1217. It was a simple meat market at the time. How much has changed over the years. Nowadays, you can find an excellent selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and much, much more.


4. Barcelona beaches

With its mild climate and convenient location, Barcelona is a perfect destination for a beach holiday. Or, perhaps you wish to simply relax for a few hours after strolling around the city. All is possible at Barcelona’s beaches, which are located merely a ten-minute walk from the city centre.


There are over four kilometers of golden beaches to enjoy and tons of beach bars, and even boat tours to choose from. Speaking of a city escape within a city!


5. Parc de la Ciutadella

Barcelona does pretty well on the park-front. Yet, this is only a fairly recent development, as Parc de la Ciutadella used to be the only green space in Barcelona until the mid-19th century.

The grounds house the city zoo, museums, the Palace of the Parliament of Catolonia and an incredible fountain designed by Josep Fontserè. Rumours go that Gaudí might have had a hand in designing the fountain.


From Parc de la Ciutadella it’s only a stone’s throw to another Barcelona landmark. Arc de Triomf was built by Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas as the gate to the 1888 Barcelona World Fair.


6. Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

Every night, the large fountains in front of El Pabellón de Barcelona give away a spectacular show. The first one took place in 1929 to celebrate the International Exhibition. In time with the music and light, the fountains perform on a nightly basis, drawing flocks of tourists and locals alike to enjoy the spectacle.


7. Tibidabo

When you wish to escape the city and the beach is just not cutting it, Tibidabo might be your destination of choice. Take the iconic Tramvia Blau (Blue Tram) to the cable car station before finishing your journey on top of the 512-metre-high Tibidabo mountain. From here, you’ll have a fantastic view over Barcelona and the coastline.


For families, there is the Tibidabo Amusement Park, with new as well as the coolest vintage rides.

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However, the most striking element on top of the mountain is Sagrat Cor church. The church can be seen from Barcelona’s city centre and was completed in 1961. You can climb to the top, where the views from right underneath the massive statue of Jesus Christ, become even more spectacular.


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