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The London Landmarks Quiz

How well do you know London’s most famous landmarks?

Reportedly the most visited city in the world, London welcomed over 17.4 million oversea visitors in 2014. If you live or work in the city, you probably go past some of the capital’s most famous landmarks every day. Or, if it’s your destination of choice for a fun-filled weekend away, like millions of people every year, you’ve probably soaked up its culture, architecture, shopping, history and tourist attractions. But, how much history and knowledge of these iconic buildings and structures did you take in during your time in the capital?

London’s secrets

Did you know that underneath Cleopatra’s Needle on the Embankment there’s a time capsule from 1878, which contains items including a portrait of Queen Victoria and copies of 10 daily newspapers. Or, that Big Ben is not in fact the clock tower, but it’s actually the bell inside? Have you ever noticed the sign on the Chelsea Embankment and Albert Bridge, which orders marching troops to break their step, so the vibrations don’t damage the structure? Well, you can be forgiven for not understanding all of London’s ample history, but what about the city’s top attractions?

The London Landmarks Quiz

This quiz tests your knowledge, beyond simply being able to identify the world-famous landmarks. You’ll need to pick out some of the city’s most iconic buildings, from a selection of images. Sound simple? Well, it’s harder than it looks.

Do you think you know London like the back of your hand? Let’s see how closely you’ve been paying attention. You may think you’re an expert when it comes to the capital, but just how well can you score?

This London Landmarks Quiz has been created by Hull Trains – Britain’s best-loved rail operator –  to put your knowledge to the test.

Good luck…

When I was asked to take this short quiz about London landmarks, my initial thoughts were: ‘how hard can it be?’ I always love to take these little quizzes about London and see how well I do.  Most of the time I’m not doing too bad, but with this one it was completely different! Such a hard, but fun challenge.

Now I’ll leave it up to you. Tell us your score in the comments!

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4 Thoughts on The London Landmarks Quiz
    Isobel Robertson
    7 Oct 2015

    I got 80% on the quiz! I haven’t lived in London for a while, so that’s not too bad

      Maaike -
      8 Oct 2015

      Congrats, great score!

    7 Oct 2015

    Whoops! I’m a “meh” 🙂 Guess I need to come back and visit a bit more! Also loved the Seattle nod on the Wheel/Eye question 😉

      Maaike -
      8 Oct 2015

      A good excuse to make another visit I would say 😉

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