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The Thing About Solo Travel

The thing about solo travel…

The thing about solo travel is, you either hate it or you love it. But to be very honest with you, I’m one of those girls who fit in the category right in between. I love exploring new places by myself, but I need company after a day or so. I need to be able to share my experiences with someone else – not just on social media.

Solo travel

London & Wales

My very first solo trip was – surprisingly – to the United Kingdom a couple of years ago. My plan was to visit my friend Emma in Cardiff and spend a few days in my favourite city in the world: London. Yes, this was before the whole emigration thing started.

It were some amazing few days. I even managed to visit a friend in Windsor who showed me around the famous Windsor Castle. It was also the first time for me I went up the Skygarden – and had to take selfies to prove it!


Sky Garden

Those moments alone were bliss and they gave me time to reflect and enjoy things very differently than when I would share it with someone. But admittedly, the moments spend with friends and new people I met along the way were just as precious – and possibly even more so.


The second time I traveled solo was to Rome, where I decided I wanted to do a language course. It was only for a couple of weeks I would be staying there, but the thought of it made me nervous. What if I wouldn’t meet anyone, and would feel miserable because of it? Guess what? That nervousness turned out to be completely unnecessary. From the moment I walked into the flat I would be staying for the duration of my stay, I was made feel welcome immediately by the most amazing flat mates. I quickly was able to make friendships at the language school, and got to meet some people through my flat- and class mates as well. All of these people made my stay unforgettable.


I hear you wondering whether I still undertook trips myself during my stay? Of course I did! Me and my camera went everywhere, even by ‘ourselves’. Traveling solo means that you’re completely flexible in what you do, which means that you can really experience that sense of freedom.


The biggest ‘solo trip’ I’ve taken so far is for sure my move to the United Kingdom. I didn’t really know anyone when I moved here. A brand new job was waiting for me, a flat to live in, and that was it. I made it my highest priority to go out there and meet new people. Signing up with Facebook groups for expats in London, online meetup groups and the like meant that I was able to build up my social network in an increasingly fast pace. Most people I meet through there are like minded people: travelers, expats¬†and people in general interested in the world around them.


Solo day trips are still very much on my radar, but to be able to share new explorations with others is what appeals to me most. So would I make another solo trip in the future? For sure. But in preparation for that I would search for other like-minded (female) travelers with a similar itinerary, possibly with the aid of a travel app. Technology has made it so much easier nowadays to meet others, and I love it!

What are your experiences with traveling solo? What are according to you the best solo travel destinations? Leave your comments below!

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