Review: Mapps Not Apps – How a Travel Journal Turned into an Expat Journal

Travel Journals

I have always been a huge fan of travel journals. Writing all the experiences down on paper, on blogs for friends and family to read and following my greatest idol – a Dutch travel TV host – in front of my father’s camera when I was a child, are just a couple of examples of how I have always documented my travels. Never before I had a travel journal filled with inspirational quotes though…


Maps Not Apps

My friend Valerie from Valerie & Valise is a firm believer of the power of words and has never stopped writing her travel experiences down in a physical journal. She decided to create one her own, and included tons of inspirational travel quotes and ample of space to add travel memorabilia in the journal that she named: Maps Not Apps.

I personally love the idea of being able to add tickets, pictures and postcards into my travel journals, but this is not always possible. When I received a copy of the Maps Not Apps journal, I couldn’t wait to get creative and put my thoughts to paper.


Turning a travel journal into an expat journal

What I didn’t know at the time was that I would turn the travel journal into my very own expat journal – something I didn’t have done before. My life in London is so much fun, and so much things are happening. It’s a shame not to document it – you know, for when  I’m older and all of that… Besides that, I am collecting so many theatre, museum and concert tickets, maps, postcards, pictures… I can go on forever. So do I bin all of those? No of course not! I collect them in my Maps not Apps journal. Little stories about all of them I document on the pages on the right – where straight-drawn-lines help me writing neatly. If I can’t seem to find inspiration to write,  I just simply flip through the pages and take in the quotes that some clever travelers, authors, and professors alike have shared with the world over the years. My favourite travel quote of all time is actually printed on the front page:

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. – Saint Augustine

The journal is strong enough to keep all of the collection together and it fits in all of my handbags perfectly. So yes, it travels with me as well – nothing better than documenting memories in the moment right?


My latest addition to the journal? A brochure on Brixton Windmill, one of the oldest windmills of London. More on the windmill and on colourful and vibrant Brixton soon on the blog!

Do you want to have this cool travel (or expat?) journal? Head over to the webstore and get your hands on your very own copy!

Let me and Valerie know how you are using Maps Not Apps!


All pictures in this post © Valerie from Valerie & Valise

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3 Thoughts on Review: Mapps Not Apps – How a Travel Journal Turned into an Expat Journal
    Becky Markovitz
    22 Mar 2016

    What a cute journal! I love the idea of going back to pen and paper! Even as a blogger myself I know there is something to be said about the beauty (and catharsis) of physically writing something.

      Maaike -
      22 Mar 2016

      My exact thoughts 🙂 Thanks for reading Becky!

      22 Mar 2016

      Thanks so much for reading, and your feedback, Becky! I definitely agree about the power of pen & paper 🙂

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