Look mum, no hands

Look Mum, no hands!

Last year, when I was strolling over the Southbank with a friend, we ended up at a coffee kiosk with the funny name: ‘Look Mum, no hands!’ Somehow, I really loved that name as it reminds me of times when me and my brother biked in our street yelling out exactly that phrase to our mother who was watching us.

Now, almost twenty years later (minus a year or three), there are plenty of occasions on which I can still use this phrase.

As my long student life almost comes to an end, it’s time to spread my wings and start a life of my own. The planned move to London forms one of the biggest aspects of this plan, of this dream really, and is something I can’t wait to finally happen.

look mum, no hands

Enjoying a coffee powered by ‘Look Mum, No Hands’

Then there’s other big news I need to share with you. Having being introduced to the world of blogging through WordPress.com in February, I couldn’t have imagined how much I was going to love this.


WordPress.com is a wonderful platform to get started with, but it is what it is: a platform that almost literally ‘holds your hand’ during the entire process. This takes away the opportunity to stay in control over your own content, design and techniques, something that I find very important.

That is why, Ladies & Gentlemen, I have decided to transfer this blog over to a self-hosted blog. This means that the ‘side wheels’ are officially going to be removed from my bike, and I have to do everything by myself.bike

As scary as this is, I also feel that it is a step into the right direction, an indication that I’m growing as a blogger; another sign of independence.

Please bear with me, I know that the process I’m about to enter is long and hard, but I’m almost certain that the hard work will pay off in the end.

I’m taking a leap of faith, and continue to ‘ride this bike’, but without hands this time!


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