Nepal – Travel Wish Wednesday

Nepal – Travel Wish Wednesday

We all have our travel bucket lists. On Travel Wish Wednesday I highlight one of the destinations that are on mine. I kicked off earlier with the Amalfi Coast, and this week we’ll travel all the way to Asia, to Nepal.

Himalayas & nature

What attracts me so much about this country is the magnificent nature I have seen in ample of pictures and movies. The Himalayas have always fascinated me. Nepal being home to eight of the highest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest. Mountain trekking is something I have not really done before, but is definitely high on my wishlist. To be able to do it in  Nepal, with that incredible nature, remote villages and fascinating culture sounds absolutely fantastic.


Jungle, forest and plains are also part of the wide variety of landscapes of this relatively small country. I would very much like to join a tour to be able to see all this mixture and learn more about the different areas.


Culture & religion

I have only heard good stories about the hospitality of the inhabitants of Nepal. They are known for being friendly and welcoming, and proud to show their country. As Buddhism and Hinduism are main religion in the country, there are plenty of important religious places to visit. To visit temples, monasteries and in general learn more about the religion and culture is something I am really looking for.





All of the Big Five can be found in Nepal. In addition, Chiltwan National Park is a place I have heard a lot about. Apparently, it is home to abundant of wildlife, including elephants, tiger and rhinos. Of course, to be able to see these in real life would be an absolute dream come true.


2015 Earthquake

In April 2015, a major earthquake hit Nepal. Thousands of people lost their lives, and even more were injured. Towns were destroyed, as well as a lot of the infrastructure. Furthermore, at least four out of seven World Heritage sights in Kathmandu Valley were badly hit.  Due to different factors, recovery operations are appearing to go slowly. However, on a positive note, tourism seems to be picking up again. As the Nepalese economy is for a large part relying on tourism, this is a good sign. And probably also all the more reason to visit Nepal soon!


Encounters Travel offers a selection of Nepal tours: small groups, shoestring, families and tailor-made tours. This was a sponsored post, but all views and opinions are very much my own. Images are courtesy of Encounters Travel. 

Over to you: have you ever traveled to Nepal? What would be your top recommendations?  Leave them in the comments!


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