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The London Life

Hi and welcome to the London Life page of Travellous World! If you are looking for some inspiration for your next London adventure, this is the right place to start! On this page you will find all the posts that fall into the London category. So, what London travel type are you? Are you the theater goer? The Royal fan? Or are you more the hiking type? Don’t worry, you can find all kinds of stories here. Including the Best London Views For Free and some of the best off-the-beaten-path tips.

For more inspiration, don’t hesitate to scroll down the list below until you find that what you’re looking for. New posts are added to the list constantly, so don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter, to keep up-to-date!


  • Things to Do in London When it Rains Oh no! The weather forecast is rain all week for London. But, no panic, as we are here to help. Get the best ideas to get you through this week right here.
  • St Albans – Christmas in London Christmas-in-St-AlbansThis is already the last in the series ‘Christmas in London’. Today we go outside of London (less than 30min) to the Cathedral town of St Albans
  • Kingston – Christmas in London christmas-in-kingstonLast year we focussed on where you can get into that festive Holiday feeling in Central London. This year, we broaden our horizons. Kingston Upon Thames
  • Staycations: West Kensington, London barons-court-streetFG Properties offered me the chance to have my very first ‘staycation’ in London town. We stayed in West Kensington and had a great time
  • Enchanted Syon Park enchanted-woodland-2016In November and December the house and gardens of the Duke of Northnumberland in West London are being transfomed to Enchanted Woodland – Syon Park

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