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Last-minute Christmas travel gift guide

20 Best Christmas gifts for travel lovers

We’ve all been there. Only a few more weeks to go and then it’s Christmas. Help! What to give to our family members and friends who are fellow travel enthusiasts? This is where our last-minute Christmas gift guide comes in handy.

With 20 gift ideas, from sustainable presents to practical travel items, and from inspiring coffee table books to travel-inspired jewelry, there is something to please everyone’s taste.

christmas gift guide
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1. Tinggly Experience gift card

Experiences are all about creating memories, so why not gift one of Tinggly’s experience boxes?

The receiver of a Tinggly experience box can choose from one of the hundreds of unique experiences all around the world. I’m not able to choose between a Nigara Falls day trip from Toronto, an Mt. Etna and wine tour in Sicily, or a helicopter flight over Grand Canyon!

Not only will the person you gift this too will have the time of their life, but you’ll also contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and carbon. For every gift experience, Tinggly namely offsets carbon emissions by 200% and removes 11lbs of plastic from the planet’s oceans.

The voucher comes in a box that you can personalise, and a beautifully designed Experience Journal that tells you more about the scientifically proven benefits of experience gifting.

2. Leaflife bamboo tumbler thermos with tea infuser

There’s nowhere I could go without my cup of tea. Whether I go on a cold winter hike or a road trip, I love to warm my freezing body with a cuppa.

This is where the Leaflife Bamboo tumbler thermos comes in super handy. The double-walled interior with vacuum insulation technology keeps your hot drinks hot for a whopping 12 hours! Besides that, the flask is BPA and lead-free and the outside is made of 100% natural bamboo, so it’s a safe and good choice for the environment.

Even better, the thermos flask comes with a tea infuser, so you can bring your loose leaf tea with you for the best quality tea.

3. Hanging toiletry bag

A couple of years ago I changed from a regular toiletry bag to a hanging one and I never want to go back. The fact that you can hang it on a doorknob, radiator, or even the steps of a bunk bed, and see everything you have in there at a glance, makes a world of difference. That’s it, that’s why I’d recommend it!

4. Kindle Paperwhite (8GB) – International version

While travelling it’s the one time when I truly feel like I’ve time enough to read, and will easily read a few books a week. Carrying a ton of books during trips isn’t an option of course, so that’s where my Kindle comes in.

The newest Kindle Paperwhite comes with 8GB of storage – enough for around 6000 books! With up to 10 weeks of battery life, this new Paperwhite is also a winner compared to previous versions. Another new addition is the adjustable light, which should make it a lot easier on the eyes. And when you accidentally drop it in the swimming pool or bathtub? No worries, this Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof.

5. Wanderlust bracelets

If you’re lucky enough to share the travel bug with your partner or best friend, this is the perfect gift for them.

Carrie Clover makes these bracelets herself. They are available in different coloured strings and you can adjust the size, so they fit around every wrist. Carrie also festively wraps your gift, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping the Christmas present yourself. Where will your next adventure bring you and your bestie?

6. Travel bottles and accessories

When flying hand luggage only, you are obliged to offer liquids in see-through bags, and in flasks and bottles under 100ml. Buying travel-sized bottles of shampoo and shower gel in the supermarket is of course adding to the plastic soup in our planet’s oceans, so I’d always travel with these kinds of refillable, silicone bottles.

The Globegear silicone bottles and containers are from a family-owned business in Los Angeles and come in an airline-approved bag with a few handy accessories too.

I don’t know how many times I picked the wrong bottle and rinsed my body with a face wash instead of shower gel. That will never happen again with the preprinted labels that come with this bag.

7. Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2022

Oh hello, beautiful coffee table book. This is an eye-catcher I’ve high on my holiday wishlist (family and friends who read this, hint hint!).

Each year, Lonely Planet ranks the planet’s must-visit countries, cities, and regions. For 2022, they also provide readers with expert tips on how to minimize your co2-footprint while you travel and how to have a positive impact when you return to the road. The best thing about this book is the large pictures that definitely wake my travel bug and, I’m sure of so many travelers like me.

8. Bagail set of packing cubes

Ever since I found out about packing cubes, I was sold. Honestly, in the past, I struggled so much with organising luggage in such a way that I would still be able to find anything. That is exactly why packing cubes are the best. Tops and sweaters go in one cube, trousers and sweats in the other. Smaller items, like underwear and socks in a smaller version. It’s great.

Packing cubes also help in reducing how much space luggage takes up in your suitcase. Especially useful if you travel hand luggage only.

What is excellent about Bagail is that they offer bundles, so you can choose exactly what kind of packing cubes you need. They even have special ones for shoes, washing bags, and laptop sleeves – all in different sizes and colours. So you can choose just whatever you need.

9. Embossed travel journal diary

Isn’t this travel journal just gorgeous? Journalling your travels in this super stylish travel diary is a real treat. It comes with two retro pendants and is available in several different colours.

The inside consists of craft paper without lines, so you can just as easily add pictures, stickers, or postcards to complete your story. It’s refillable, so you can replace or add sheets as you like.

10. Promptly travel journals

If you’re less creative and need a little help with your journal prompts, this beautiful diary is probably the one for you. It has prompts throughout and different sections, such as a world map, planning, food, mishaps, transportation, people met along the way, cultural observations, and much more.

The drawings inside are gorgeous and will really get you going. This journal is also available in different colours, so there’s definitely one you (or your friend) will like.

11. USA photo map

One of my life-long dreams is to travel all the USA states on a road trip. If that ever happens, I’ll definitely get my hands on this amazing poster that lets you stick photos to each US state. Now, that’s a way to remember an epic road trip.

The map comes with an app, which helps you print photos in the exact right size for each state on the map. How many US states on the map can you already fill with photos?

12. World scratch off map

I was gifted this scratch-off map for my birthday one year, and it feels like such an achievement each time to scratch open another country.

This map from Scratch the World is in beautiful brown colour on the surface, and each country comes out in a different colour once scratched open. Details, such as larger cities and some national parks, and other highlights are included too. That way it gives so much more depth than an ordinary scratch map.

13. Bagsmart electronic organizer

These days we all travel around with way too many cables, chargers, hard drives, USB sticks, and SD cards. This can become a nightmare in our bags and suitcases. Cords get tangled, and SD cards and USB sticks get lost. We all know the feeling.

This organiser from Bagsmart is a great solution to organise all your electronic accessories. The hard-cased bag comes with multiple pockets in different sizes and is small enough to easily fit in your hand luggage. Oh, I love a bit of good organisation!

14. Ethique soap bars

Soap bars are here to stay. To reduce plastic waste, more and more hygienic brands start offering soap bars – which are lightweight and easy to take with you on your travels.

Ethique has been in the sustainable business for a while now and offers beautiful gift packs of shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and body butter bars.

15. Plant watering globes

I’m not afraid to admit it: I’m a Plant Mum. My tiny studio flat is filled with plants, big and small. So every time when I go away on holiday, I needed to ask one of my family members or neighbours to come over to water the plants.

That is no longer the case ever since I got my hands on these plant watering globes. I simply have to fill them with water and stick them to the ground. I simply have to stick the globes further into the ground with plants that need less water, and less far for plants that need a lot of water. Super easy and suitable for up to two-week trips.

16. LifeStraw Go water bottle

Avid hikers and backpackers, this one’s for you. Staying hydrated can become a struggle when you’re on a longer trek without having too many bottles of fresh water with you.

The LifeStraw Go water bottle makes sure that you can safely drink water from any river, lake, or creek you come across. The advanced water filtration systems filters out chlorine, sand, dirt, microplastics, and organic chemical matter. This is definitely going on my Christmas wishlist for sure.

17. Anywhere Travel Guide game

Travelling screams fun and what better way to enjoy it than to throw a little game into the mix?

The Anywhere Travel Guide game offers a deck of 75 cards to inspire and prompt you on your next journey. Find or make a souvenir that represents your experience of this day, ask a random person what his/her favourite street is and go there, or buy a coffee for a stranger, are just a few examples of the activities and prompts you can expect from this game. One thing’s for sure: your travels will never be the same.

18. Travel cosmetic bag

This foldable travel cosmetic bag is super cute and another easy way to perfectly organise your belongings. Organisation is key! 😉

The bag is available in different colours, is waterproof, and can be washed in the washing machine. That means no more make-up smears all over your cosmetic bag. Once filled with your favourite products, you can easily close it with the drawstring, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything in your suitcase or backpack.

19. Hiware stainless steel metal straws

Sipping a cocktail, smoothie, or fruit juice with a straw is just the best sometimes. The plastic waste that comes from disposable straws… not so much. Luckily, metal straws are becoming more commonly available.

These ones from Hiware are great, as they don’t leave a metal aftertaste and are easy to clean with the brush that is included. Afterward, you can safely store them (and take them on your travels) in the nylon bag.

20. Safe trip where ever you go keychain

A keychain like this is the perfect Secret Santa gift for a fellow traveller, if you ask me. Ensianth creates travel-related jewelry, keychains and other accessories, so there’s always a design for you.

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christmas gift guide
christmas travel gift guide
20 gift ideas for travel lovers

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    22 Dec 2021

    Hi.. i really liked your article last minute… many times I faced the same issues. What to give my loved ones ,and to neighbors friends, I personally liked 13 number or 8 number, if some one wants to gift me. Thanks for your valuable sharing.

      Maaike van Kuijk
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      Thanks for stopping by Vijay. Maybe you can share it with friends or family? You never know… 😉

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