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All aboard! On tour with Las Golondrinas Barcelona

All aboard! A boat tour with Las Golondrinas Barcelona - travellousworld

Architecture, history, culture, beach and mountains, Barcelona has it all!

There are plenty of activities to undertake when you are in Barcelona. A visit to the unfinished master piece of Gaudi for example: Sagrada Familia, or having a walk around his colorful park, Parc Guell. Or what about a visit to Camp Nou: the home of FC Barcelona?


What I really find the best bit about this city is that it provides the complete package for holiday goers. It has a medieval center, plenty of architecture, ample of shopping possibilities, but at the same time it is also surrounded by mountains and the sea. There aren’t many cities in the world that offer all of this in one place.


I’m not so much of a beach goer myself, but did in fact see the kilometers-long stretches of beach that Barcelona has on offer. All in 1,5 hour and from a seating position. How? Well, I booked a coastal and port tour with Las Golondrinas: Barcelona’s touristic fleet.

las golondrinas barcelona


Aboard Las Golondrinas

Our tour started around lunchtime at the harbor, right in front of the beautiful Colon statue. We received our tickets and were able to enter the white ship that was already there waiting for us to embark. Upon entering, we noticed that the ship had a small bar where drinks and small snacks were offered.


Since the weather turned out to be beautiful after a few days of rain, we decided upon sitting on the upper deck, from where we were treated with a gorgeous view over Barcelona and the harbor. We settled in our chairs and led the captain take us to the big sea that was right ahead of us. The calm waters of the harbor shortly made place for the rough sea waves.



The tour took us along the coastline of Barcelona, and we absolutely loved the sight of the city’s skyline. Some buildings really stood out, such as the Sagrada Familia, the extravagant Torre Agbar and the two tallest buildings in town: Hotel Arts and Torre Mapfre. I also never realized how long the coastline of Barcelona stretched, but the long line of beaches never seemed to come to an end.


A little surprise visit

After quite a while the captain turned the ship around and we made our way back to the harbor – at least, that’s what I thought… Instead, we were happily surprised by the fact that the captain took us into the industrial port, and we came face to face with the enormous cruise- and container ships lined up. Oh, how I felt little being right next to those ‘monsters’. It was a wonderful opportunity to get a peek of this side of the city as well.



What I missed however during the entire tour was a bit more explanation about the sights and places we passed along the way. There was an app you could download, but I think I’m still a bit old-fashioned: I appreciate a ‘real person’ telling me about it all, instead of an app on my phone 😉


When the ship turned around to get back to the harbor, one of the crew members handed out the photos that were taken at the beginning of the tour. Since this was a special mother-daughter holiday for us, mum bought the photo, which is now a great memory of a wonderful boat ride on the Barcelona sea! I would definitely recommend this tour if you want to see Barcelona from a different perspective.

A crew member handing out the photos

To the beach

Right after the boat ride, we enjoyed a lovely stroll along Barcelona’s boulevard and had lunch. We even made it to the beach and sat down to watch the surfers concur the high waves. At a beach bar a band was playing and everyone had a great time. I actually enjoyed spending some time on the beach and the view wasn’t bad either!




Look at that view!

Over to you, have you ever taken a boat ride while traveling? What do you like about it?

For more information about Las Golondrinas, please visit their website.  This was a sponsored post, however all opinions and photos are mine.

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    Shelby Vogl
    15 Oct 2015

    Great article! I’ve never taken a boat ride in Barcelona but I have been there before and the city is absolutely amazing!

      Maaike -
      19 Oct 2015

      I would love to go back 🙂

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