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Koblenz: The Gate to the Upper Middle Rhine Valley

Middle Rhine Valley

After my – I lost count – x trip to the UK, I traveled with my parents to the romantic Middle Rhine region in Germany.


We had a bit of a rocky start in the Unesco World Heritage valley, as we woke up to rain. The cats and dogs kind. We decided to stay in our campervan a bit longer, and improvise on a brunch with the food that we brought from home.



Of course we couldn’t stay in for the rest of the day. So after we cleaned up the table and wrapped ourselves in our thick coats and scarfs, we drove to the city of Koblenz.




Koblenz and the Deutsches Eck

Koblenz has a rich history, starting 2000 years ago. The city is surrounded by four low-mountain ranges and forms the triangle of the Moselle and Rhine rivers. We visited this triangle, officially called the ‘Deutsches Eck’, in the afternoon when the weather cleared.


The view from the ‘Deutsches Eck’ is wonderful, with on the one side the historic city center, while the Moselle joins the Rhine on the other side.  An impressive statue of German Emperor William I looks out over the two rivers. A fortress on a mountain on the opposite side of the rivers can be reached by a cable car. Apparently, we did this when I and my brother were kids, but I honestly can’t remember any of it. As the weather was still a bit unpredictable, we decided not to take the cable car, but head into town instead.




Strolling around Koblenz feels like walking in an open air museum. Most of the houses in the historic heart are half-timbered homes in all kinds of colors. Some even have some artistic paintings on them. The many statues and monuments on the squares around town reminded me of the long history that this city is known for.




Tea and antiques

When it was almost time to head back to the campsite we were staying at, we made a final stop at a restaurant/shop, called Café im Kaufladen (literally: café in the shop). We couldn’t have made a better choice. This self-called antique-café boasts the most adorable antiques and home accessories. The best bit of it is that you can enjoy a delightful cup of tea and a sumptuous piece of cheesecake in the midst of it all. Of course I needed to have a photo of that!




Koblenz was the start of a wonderful weekend in the Unesco World Heritage Rhine region. Curious about what we did the rest of the weekend? Then check out this post.

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6 Thoughts on Koblenz: The Gate to the Upper Middle Rhine Valley
    25 Jun 2015

    Love your photos! It looks so colourful and beautiful. I need to get here for a visit soon…it’s on the list!

      25 Jun 2015

      Thank you! It’s a great place to visit 🙂 I’m sure your kids will love it too. There are so many castles in that area!

    Gabby @ theglobewanderers.com
    26 Jun 2015

    Great photos Maaike! What a beautiful place. I LOVE that you took a campervan trip with your parents… SO cool. They must be as travel minded as you are :). When we have kids, we’ll definitely be doing that! Must say, never had Koblenz on our list of places to visit… but I think now it might have to be.

    Love the photo of you in the cafe. Travelling, eating and shopping at the same time sounds like my idea of heaven ;). Another fab post :).


      Travellous World
      28 Jun 2015

      Hi Gabby, yes definitely, traveling is something we grew up with 🙂 I even took my grandparents on a road trip the other day (The Kempen) as they’re just as much into traveling as we are (although their age is starting to bother them at this point). Yes, Koblenz has it all!

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