Enchanted Syon Park

Syon Park – Enchanted Woodland

With the days getting shorter and shorter, there is nothing more soothing than knowing that London is lit up everywhere.

But perhaps the most beautiful light exhibition can be found in West London. In Syon Park to be more precise.

On weekends between Friday 18th November and Sunday 4th December, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Northnumberland is being transformed to the Enchanted Woodland.


Syon House and Park

The House and the park can be found in Brentford, merely 9 miles from Charing Cross. The house was built in the sixteenth century on the site of the medieval Syon Abbey. The family of the present owners moved in in 1594.

You can visit the house at certain times a year, and see the art and antiques that the inhabitants have collected over the years.

The park is home the Great Conservatory, beautifully landscaped gardens, meadows and wildlife.



Enchanted Woodland

The house and the park are beautifully lit up in all kinds of colours during the few weekends in November and December.

You will also find all kinds of artistic installations, such as goldfish in the trees and little fairies on the ground. It is truly magical!



During your visit, you walk a trail of around 2 miles. If you walk fast, you can walk the trail in about half an hour, but we found that we needed around an hour to have a good look at everything.

Picture material aplenty, but take a tripod with you would be my advise. I forgot mine, and it is extremely hard to take pictures that are not blurry without a tripod.


Syon Park

However, the best part of the experience is of course to see it through your own eyes. My pictures definitely cannot do the event any justice.


When: on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only between 18th November and 4th December

Tickets: £9.00 for adults, £3.00 for children (between 3 and 16 years inclusive)

How to get there: by car, or via train to Kew Bridge or Gunnersbury and then by bus.

Center map



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