Dordrecht: Orange City (for the day) – a Photo Essay

A photo essay of Dordrecht: the town that turned into Orange City for the day. On Monday it was all about King Willem-Alexander, his wife, Queen Maxima and their three adorable girls. They visited Dordrecht for the official Kingsday festivities. Last week, I went to check out the preparations. Past Monday, all Dutch eyes were aimed on Dordrecht, the oldest city of the Netherlands. It was the setting for the yearly King’s Day, on which we celebrate our King’s birthday. 

King's Day
A big orange crown for King’s Day

Dordrecht turned into ‘Orange City’ for the day. This city in particular feels like an obvious choice for hosting the official King’s Day celebrations. It has plenty of historical buildings, is bordered by five rivers, and is easy to reach.

miniature Dordrecht
Dordrecht in miniature

On a sunny day, I can highly recommend enjoying a glass of beer or wine at one of the waterfront terraces or to take a boat tour to see the city from a different perspective.

How adorable are these Miffy clogs? Found in the Dordrecht Tourism Office

As the success of King’s (previously Queen’s) Day reaches far beyond the Dutch borders, I decided last week to take a look at the preparations of this festive day in April. You know what, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. I can write all I want about the beauty of this town, but ‘’a picture is worth a thousand words’’…

Hidden in a church in the heart of town is a gorgeous (temporary) decoration shop
Hard to believe that there is a decoration store inside this church

DordrechtDordrecht DordrechtDordrechtDordrecht


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Note: all photos in this article are mine


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