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Do Singapore as the Locals Do

When I think of Singapore, I think of luxury, skyscrapers and of the swimming pool on top of Marina Bay Sands. But that is definitely not all and Mel  tells us exactly why not.

Growing up in Singapore left me rather spoilt. There is no city on earth that is more safe and convenient and it is such a contrast to the city I’m in now – London.


Singapore is mostly known for its popular infinity pool overlooking the dramatic skyline and the cities cleanliness. It’s the first thing I hear everytime I mention the country; “ wow its such a clean country”.

Well all I remember is that we would get so excited when our dad came back from a trip to Malaysia with chewing gum because that’s banned in Singapore.

Back to the point – how do you enjoy this beautiful country like a local? No, it does not involve an infinity pool or the Marina sands Casino. Day to day life is much less glamorous but still vibrant.

  1. Makan Makan (Eat!)

Lets start with the all-important food. Food is a big thing that brings locals together. Whether it’s meeting up at the local hawker centre or a more social setting at nicer restaurants, everything revolves around food and time is no restriction. You know how you head to the chip or kebab shop in England after your night out? Well in Singapore, you get your fix of local spice.

singapore eating culture

There are many places to carry out your calorific after-party and here are some of the local favourites(24 hours):

  • Jalan Kayu – Try and the Maggi Goreng and Prata or Thosai here
  • Thomson Prata house
  • There is a hawker center just behind boat quay
  • Or you could order a Mcdonalds and have it in bed (yes, Mcdonalds delivers 24/7!)

And if you want to eat like a true local, make sure you try these dishes

1.Mee Goreng

mee singpoare

2. Nasi padang

nasi padang

3. Chicken Rice

singapore dishes

2.Because its ladies night

On that note, Singaporeans and tourists spend any night of the week enjoying the luminous nightlife. Wednesday’s is when the popular ladies night occurs. Most clubs and bars offer ladies free entry and a few free drinks. The best place to go to get those happy feet tapping is down Boat Quay and Clark Quay where you will be spoilt for choice.

bay singapore

3.Sweat it out

singapore hanging bridge

Its not hard to break a sweat with the humid climate here, however, there are some great ways to do it. Macritchie Reservoir Park has a beautiful nature trail that makes a fun day out, along with their tree top walk that gives you a view of the canopy. You almost forget for a split second that your in one of the busiest cities in Southeast Asia. Oh and let’s not forget the local friends you can make along the way:

singapore monkey

Or you can cycle/roller blade through eastcoast park and then stop by one of the bbq pits and start the fire while you watch the sunset on the horizon.

Singapore is such a small, beautiful island and sometimes this is overlooked with the chaotic city lifestyle that everyone leads so make sure you don’t consume yourself in all of the touristy areas like Marina bay and venture a little further out.

About the author mel                                                                                                                             Mel started her Travel and Lifestyle blog – Mel Adela, at the beginning of 2015 to share her adventures across the globe. She was born and grew up on the tiny island of Singapore and is now living in the heart of London.                                    Facebook logotwitter-logo-smallinstagram-logo-small



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