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Best of London’s Commuter Belt: Old Amersham

Old Amersham – Inspired by Do as the Locals Do

The guest post series I have been running for over a year now – Do as the Locals Do – has hopefully inspired many of you to visit a place and see it through the eyes of a local. A year ago, Gabby and James from the Globe Wanderers wrote a wonderful piece about their hometown Amersham.


Immediately I knew that this was a town I wished to visit. It took me little over a year to finally get into zone 9 of London (yes, I thought it was a joke at first too!), and oh boy, how I loved this quintessential British town in the commuter belt of the capital.


Visiting London's Zone 9: Old Amersham

New and Old Amersham

Easily confused, Amersham consists of two parts: old and new Amersham. I arrived on a warm Sunday morning at the Amersham railway station, which – not so conveniently – is located in the new part of town. The hourly train arrives here from Marylebone station in London and it is also connected to the Underground system by the Metropolitan Line.


I made my way down the woods that led me to a beautiful viewpoint on top of a hill. When I looked around me I saw the Chiltern Hills and the village as a stunning postcard below me.


I made my way across the community gardens on the edge of town until I arrived at the village’s church. How could it be that only 40 minutes ago, I had gotten on the Tube in one of the busiest parts of London, and now I was standing here, where everything looked perfect and absolutely tranquil?




Town curiosities

I immediately recognized what I had already noticed on Gabby and James’ pictures: people love showing off their cars in this town! I guess the historical buildings of the town and the hills in the background make for that perfect backdrop!


Flowers is another favourite of the town. And don’t you agree that it looks pretty lovely?!


Even more flowers I found in the Amersham Garden of Remembrance. It is here that photographs of the life of Queen Elizabeth are displayed to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.


Old Amersham… I’m a fan! Certainly I’m coming back for a day hike in the Chiltern. That’s for sure!


Travellous World still welcomes entries for guest series Do as the Locals Do. Tell us about your home/birth town from a local’s perspective and inspire the world! Contact me for more details. 

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7 Thoughts on Best of London’s Commuter Belt: Old Amersham
    1 Nov 2016

    Loved Amersham, it was so good my wife & I spent the first night of our honeymoon there – over 40 years ago!

      Maaike - travellousworld.com
      2 Nov 2016

      Such a lovely story!

    3 Nov 2016

    It is so nice there. I have so much to see in England.

      Maaike - travellousworld.com
      4 Nov 2016

      It is!

    Tanja / The red phone box trav
    13 Nov 2016

    wonderful! and it’s basically a part of greater London?:)

      Maaike - travellousworld.com
      13 Nov 2016

      It is part of the commuter belt, but I don’t think it’s part of Greater London 🙂

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