Maaike who?

Hi there, Maaike here: Dutchie,  passionate traveler, amateur photographer and theatre lover. I probably lost you already down the road when you were still trying to pronounce my name correctly. Let me help you with that:

Maaike – /mkɜ:ʳ/

Good Ol’ London Town

During my internship in London back in 2012 I fell completely in love with London. Believe it or not, but now I’m suffering from an unhealthy addiction that bounds me to the British capital forever.

In fact, from November 2015 to October 2018 I’ve lived permanently in UK’s capital. Yes, I was what they call ‘an expat.’

I want to thank you. I read your post on how to discover London by bike and it dramatically reduced my days online looking for a good route! – Emma A.

Tower of London

The infamous  Travel Bug

Next to an obsession with London, I’ve also been caught by the travel bug. Curious as to where my itchy feet have taken me? Check out the destinations page.

Icefields Parkway

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The ‘PR friendly blog’ drill

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