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10 Tips for An Unforgettable Road Trip in Switzerland

Road Trip Switzerland

10 Unforgettable Road Trips in Switzerland

Like London, Switzerland is my second home. A country I visited often with my family when I was little, and still love to visit from time to time. It does help that one of my best friends live there, so I always have a very good excuse to visit this small country in the middle of Europe.

Now available: Part 2 – with 10 more tips for an unforgettable road trip in Switzerland

A few basic facts about Switzerland:


Now that’s settled, let’s move on to the main focus of today’s feature. If you’re a fanatic road tripper like me, a road trip in Switzerland is an absolute must. Driving up the many mountain passes, visiting cute Mediterranean villages in the south and having raclette for dinner.


1. Financial heart: Zurich

The financial heart of Switzerland and a gateway to the Swiss Alps. Zurich has a beautiful ancient heart, and is great for shopping. On hot summer days you can cool down in Lake Zurich or in one of the futuristic shopping malls.


2. A blend of everything: Lucerne

A stunning city surrounded by mountains. Lucerne has a lake and an Old Town with a wooden covered bridge and bright color houses. You can find this city slightly more south from Zurich.


3. Jetsetting in Ascona

Jetsetting in this town not far from the Italian border is an absolute pleasure. Colourful houses line the lake at the Ascona promenade. Not to mention, the small alleyways in the Old Town of Ascona are a breeze to stroll around in.


4. Italian ambience in Switzerland: Valle Verzasca

A valley in the Italian speaking region of Switzerland that makes a great day out for a road trip from Ascona. Green and mountains all around you, an adorable village after each hairpin bend and a pleasurable Italian climate. Welcome to Valle Verzasca.


5. The botanical gardens of Isole di Brissago

Even though the Borromean islands on the Italian side of Lake Maggiore are much more bustling famous, Isole di Brissago in Switzerland is a great alternative.  The botanical gardens are gorgeous and the small beaches are perfect for some relaxation.


6. Matterhorn hotspot: Zermatt

A classic among the Swiss road trips. Zermatt is the gateway to the famous Matterhorn mountain, one of the most striking mountains in the world. A touristic little town in summer, and a striking ski resort in winter.


7. Back in time: Castle Chillon

Castle Chillon or Chateaux Chillon as it is called among the locals, is a famous landmark on Lake Geneva. A medieval castle set against a magnificent backdrop of the Alps and deep blue waters.


8. Cheese town: Gruyères

A famous town with picturesque architecture, a medieval castle and lots, lots of cheese. This lovely village near the French border was declared the most beautiful village of west Switzerland in 2014.


9. The majestic Swiss mountain passes

The Swiss mountain passes are legendary. As you could see in the infographic, Switzerland has 101 (you may applaud now) of pass roads. These are mainly situated in the Alps and Jura mountain regions. The passes are great for a drive, whether by car, motorbike or if you’re really sportive: by bicycle.


 10. Rigi – Queen of the Mountains

Looking out over the Swiss Alps, overlooking Lake Lucerne and boasting some of the best hiking paths of Switzerland. The Rigi boasts one of the best views of Switzerland. What’s more, the top can be reached by cable car or by a steep train. Both journeys are memorable experiences. Rigi-Switzerland

All in all, Switzerland offers plenty of possibilities for an unforgettable road trip. Did you ever go on a road trip in Switzerland? What was your favourite bit?

Now available: Part 2 – with 10 more tips for an unforgettable road trip in Switzerland

Note: all photos and opinions in this post are my own


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8 Thoughts on 10 Tips for An Unforgettable Road Trip in Switzerland
    Gabby @ theglobewanderers.com
    10 Jul 2015

    What a helpful post! Love it. Switzerland is such a beautiful place… I’ve only ever passed through on a road trip in a day and stopped off in Geneva for lunch… I need to go back! Love the photos and the facts – great job :).


      Travellous World
      10 Jul 2015

      Thanks Gabby! Switzerland is an incredible country.

    Suze The Luxury Columnist
    11 Jul 2015

    You’ve given me some great ideas of places to visit in Switzerland! Lucerne is close to my heart as I got engaged there (my husband is Swiss on his Father’s side)

      Travellous World
      17 Jul 2015

      Hi Suze! That is such a lovely story! I’ve been to Lucerne as a child many times. Warm memories of that place I hold. But your story is even more incredible!

    Sanjana @ Green Global Travel
    24 Jul 2015

    Love this post about your adventures! Thanks for sharing!

      Travellous World
      26 Jul 2015

      Many thanks Sanjana!

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