5 Things to Do in London on Christmas Day

Christmas Day in London

While during the build up to Christmas Day London is the hub of festivities – from Christmas markets to carol services – the actual day is the complete opposite. Public transport has stopped entirely and most shops and restaurants are closed.

However, if you are not on family-dinner duties, there is still plenty of fun stuff you can do in the city.


Walk or cycle through empty streets

Without public transport and limited taxis driving around town, this is your chance to see the famous shopping streets like Regent’s Street and Oxford Street almost completely empty. Discover the quiet city on foot or rent one of the ‘Boris’ Bikes‘. To give you an idea, this is what London looked like last year:

Christmas Day walk in London 😳 #piccadillycircus #london #deserted #streetsoflondon #eerie #christmasinlondon #christmasday

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2. Take a river cruise with City Cruises

Seeing Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge from the river is amazing every day of the year, but on Christmas Day it is just that bit more special. With the Christmas Day Sightseeing Cruises from City Cruises, you can experience it for yourself. Mulled wine and mince pies available of course!

Southbank London

3. Go sightseeing by bus

There are several bus companies out there that offer sightseeing tours around London on Christmas Day. So if you rather see the empty streets from the comfort of a heated bus, have a look at Golden Tours, or the Official Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing Tour.


4. Check out the curiosities at Ripley’s! Believe it or Not

Probably one of the most extraordinary collections of curiosities, art and experiences can be found at Ripley’s! Believe it or Not. See Lizard Man, the world’s oldest beer and a lock of Napoleon’s hair in this attraction. The good news? It is open on Christmas Day for you to explore.


5. Cheer on the daredevils of the Peter Pan Cup

It is December and it is freezing cold. But the members of the Serpentine Swimming Club brave the chilling temperatures for the Peter Pan Cup in London’s Hyde Park. The Serpetine’s waters are usually below 4 degrees Celsius / 40 degrees Fahrenheit at this time of year, so the cup is only open for members who have trained for this. But of course everyone is welcome to cheer them on!


Merry Christmas from Travellous World!

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