The Travellous World Holiday Gift Guide

The Travellous World Holiday Gift Guide

It’s this time of the year again. We all get our invitations in for one Christmas party after another: drinks here, dinners there. Those invitations are a major sign that it’s time to crawl out of our comfortable and warm houses and start browsing for those Christmas gifts.

But not to worry, if you have friends and family who are all into London or travel, Travellous World has got you covered this year. All of the gifts as listed below, are carefully selected and make sure that you can deliver highly unique presents to your loved ones (or maybe you just want to put them on your own wish list?).

Handmade London makeup travel bag by Le Pique Nique

If you have a jetsetter in your family or a friend who has a soft spot for London, this might be something for them. The handmade London makeup travel bag by Le Pique Nique is beautifully designed with images of famous London landmarks, such as Tower Bridge, a red double decker bus and the statue of Eros. The bag comes in two colors: white with navy blue images, or red with white images. The look of it is absolutely classy, and its size makes it perfect for the modern traveler.

Le Pique Nique London travel makeup bag

The London makeup travel bag can be bought directly from Le Pique Nique and comes at $13.95 a piece. Ships worldwide.

Speakeasy Scarves

You know that problem that whenever you’re traveling you try desperately to keep items such as your passport, wallet and phone in a safe place? But what is safe nowadays? Thieves know about money belts and other tricks travelers have invented to keep their important items safe. Now, there is a new – and stylish – way of unseeingly storing your valuables. With the Speakeasy Scarves, you can now travel around feeling safe, with your passport neatly stored in a secret pocket of your beautiful scarf. The scarves come in different colors and with different prints, but what makes them extra unique is the hidden pocket with self locking zippers. Your passport, small wallet or phone will ‘disappear’ inside the scarf, and you can go on the road without having to worry about pickpockets. Be fashionable ánd safe at the same time.

Speakeasy travel scarf

The Speakeasy Scarves can be bought directly from their website and come at different prices. Ships worldwide.


What better to give someone than an experience? The people behind Tinggly know this for a fact, and that’s why they came up with the gift of an experience. How it works? You simply buy a gift box and add a personal message to it. You pay one amount (either £49, £79 or £115) and the receiver can choose between an enormous amount of experiences all over the world, ranging from a unique bag painting workshop in Paris to a thrilling Auckland Bridge bungy jump experience, and from a scuba experience in Cancun to an African Earth Spa experience. There’s so much choice I probably wouldn’t even know what to pick. The gift box is valid for 2 years, so is ideal for literally everyone.

tinggly travel experience gift

The Tingly Experience Box can be bought at their online webshop, and come at either £49, £79 or £115. Ships worldwide.

London map passport cover case by Bobbin Rose

Another one for the London lover. This handmade London passport cover case provides you with a unique way to store your passport and any additional travel papers you might have. It’s completely made of cotton fabric and boasts a wooden button and braid fastening. Bobbin Rose actually have a few different of these London map passport cover cases, so it’s definitely worth to check out what else they have. This would make a great holiday gift for any friends or family, or you might just want to get one for yourself?

Bobbin Rose London passport cover case

The London Map Passport cover case is available in the Etsy store of Bobbin Rose and comes at $12 a piece. Ships worldwide. 

Wanderlust quote necklaces by Livin’ Freely

Wanderlust quote necklaces! Yes, jewelry! Another amazing gift idea for this Christmas. The people behind Livin’ Freely have done an amazing job creating some beautiful handmade necklaces with wanderlust-themed pendants. Classic quotes such as ‘Not all those who wander are lost’, and antique maps are part of the pendant collection. When you browse through their Etsy store you will find that you can choose between either an antique silver or bronze finish and the print inside the pendant has been sealed with a magnifying glass dome.

livin freely necklace living freely necklace antique map

The Livin’ Freely necklaces are available through Etsy and come at $19.99 a piece. Ships worldwide.

Travel journal by Maps not Apps

Valerie from Maps not Apps is a firm believer in the power of words, and that’s why she created a 200-pages travel journal, which allows you to write all your travel narratives down. But that’s not all. The journal is also a souvenir collector, with enough pages available to attach your boarding passes, postcards, stickers, photos, or just simple drawings. Whatever your creative mind is up to really. 100 travel quotes will inspire the receiver of this journal, and keep the travel hunger going. So, is this going to be a present you want to give to someone else, or is it a keeper?

MNA Travel Journal 3

The Maps not Apps travel journal is available via Valerie & Valise’s website and comes at $14,95 plus shipping. $2 from each journal purchased will be donated to World Vision. Ships worldwide. 

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  • Anna

    Great list. I will definitely check out Tinggly.

  • Julie loves those wanderlust necklaces. Potential xmas gift right there. Hopefully, she doesn’t read this comment!