St Katharine Docks – Weekend Travel Flash

Who’s been to London and visited the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge? I see many raised hands there! Wonderful! Okay, on to the next question: who of you has ever visited St Katharine Docks? I only see a few hands raised now…

St Katharine Docks are literally situated only a few meters from the world famous Tower Bridge, yet most people haven’t even heard of it. I love the tranquility of the place, so I better keep it secret, but I just can’t help myself. I need to tell the world about this amazing little gem in the heart of bustling London Town.


The name St Katharine Docks was derived from a hospital named St Katharine’s by the Tower, which was built on the site back in the 12th century. During the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the hospital was demolished, together with some 1250 houses, and the docks were designed.


Ships started to arrive from Africa, the West Indies and the Far East with exotic goods, such as sugar, tea and different kind of spices. The London Docks, including St Katharine, became one of the world’s most important centers of the shipping trade. Between WWI and WWII, ships became too large to enter St Katharine, and in WWII, the docks turned into an employment place for war work.


Nowadays, you can find numerous of modern offices and apartment blocks, as well as plenty of restaurants and shops on the site. St Katharine Docks was heavily damaged during WWII, but historical buildings, such as The Dickens Inn, and Ivory House with its beautiful clock tower, have remained. Every Friday there is a Good Food Market at the docks, where you can treat your taste buds with food from all around the world. There even should be a Medieval restaurant, The Medieval Banquet, but I haven’t had the chance yet to find out what that’s all about.

St Katharine Docks


But truth be told, I rather hang out on the waterfront, taking in the stunning views of the Thames, while playing a game of peek-a-boo with Tower Bridge. The setting of St Katharine Docks changes all the time, as the docks are still visited by the most beautiful ships.

Have you ever been to St Katharine Docks?






Note: all views, opinions and photos in this post are mine

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  • We stayed here a couple of years ago and thought it was a beautiful area – I’m going to have to go back to do some more exploring though! So many lovely corners of London to discover! Love your photos.

    • I agree, it’s beautiful! Definitely, when people tell me that they’ve seen ‘all of London’ in the two or three days they stayed there, I gladly get a discussion started on why they only saw a fraction of the city 😉

  • Funny enough, we haven’t explored this area even though I used to work really close by! I have been meaning to check it out, but never think about it when I have the time. Thanks for the reminder!

    • You’re very welcome Drew! Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of your road trip! I’m very much enjoying reading all of your posts. Such a great journey the two of you are making 🙂

  • I’m lucky enough to live really close to here and actually walk through the docks every day to get to and from work. Before living nearby though, I’d never heard of it either!

    • That is wonderful! You’re very lucky, it’s a beautiful area!

  • I really like St Katherines docks! It is such a nice part of London and not too busy too which is ideal – I do a lot of my work training in one of the buildings near there! There are lots of yummy restaurants round there too 🙂 x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Hi Jasmin, thanks for stopping by! I have yet to discover the restaurants! x

  • I have to ‘fess up – I’ve only been a few times, usually for an event, a drink or a sunny coffee, but I’m always dying to pop back & explore properly!

    • I only found out about it last year, and made my first visit in January. I would love to go back too one day 🙂

  • I went around this area at night, many years ago. It’s a wonderful place! I’ve yet to see it in the daylight.

    • Hi Stephen, thanks for stopping by! I’ve yet to see it at night 😉

  • Funny readind this now, St. Katherine’s Docks had been on my list forever and last weekend I finally got to go. I had a delicious brunch at Cafe Rouge and then walked around. It is truly a lovely spot!

    • Such a coincidence! It had been on my list too for a while, until I finally got to go there this January. It probably looks much greener now in summer time

  • I was at the Tower Bridge only last weekend and completely missed it. However I’m going again in August so I’ll definitely put this on my to-visit-list (which is btw endless when it comes to London haha)

    • I can imagine you would’ve missed it. You really have to know about it, otherwise you won’t see it. I hope you get to visit it in August though. Thanks for stopping by Antonette! 🙂

  • I love the docks! I used to live about 8 minutes walk from there along the Highway and occasionally took runs through the docks and streets nearby. Great place to showcase in London, and there’s so much history!

    You’re making me miss London, lady!! 😉

    • Now you’re making me jealous haha. You lived in a great area!

  • I stayed nearby on my London trip and ate there a lot. Beautiful area.